Diary of a (neurotic) first-year clinical trainee

Natalie Cook (now a third-year on the Oxford Clinical Doctoral Course) looks back at the start of her training.
27 September One day to go. Am beginning to wish I was on a course which organises for first-years to meet, or tells you a bit about them, or at least gives you their names. What if everyone else on the course is a complete brainbox and already knows everything about clinical psychology and is only doing the course to prove they already know everything? Am beginning to wonder why I want to do this. There seems to be such a big jump between assistants and trainees. Trainees are expected to know things. What if everyone else knows things already? Hope no one notices I don’t know things. Maybe I should act as if I do know — worked at university! Perhaps should go to the pub for a quick drink to calm my nerves? What if they think I have an alcohol-related problem?

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