Half a career spent trying to find the right questions

Robert J. Sternberg delivered the Broadbent Lecture at the Society’s London Conference in December 1999.
PROFESSOR Wormbog had every beastie in his collection except one (Mayer, 1976). He had everything from A to Y: an askingforit, a blowfat-glowfish, a croonie, a diddly-dee, an errg, a fydolagump, and everything else up to the yalapappus. But he lacked the crucial Z: the zipperump-a-zoo. He therefore set out to find the missing zipperump-a-zoo, and looked everywhere, including the most exotic places in the world. But the zipperump-a-zoo eluded him. Finally he gave up, came back home, and went to sleep, exhausted. As soon as he fell asleep, a whole tribe of zipperump-a-zoos emerged to party, right in his house.

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