Edition 6

David Pilgrim argues that recent Society guidance
on the use of diagnostic classifications in court misses
the point.

DIAGNOSIS is a medical task that creates a simple dichotomy between the sick and the well.
By contrast, psychological formulations assume a continuity between the normal and the abnormal....

Mark H. Johnson looks at babies’ cognitive and brain development and describes how they actively contribute to the construction of their own brain.

IS it a valuable investment in the future to provide ‘enriched’ environments for young infants, as suggested at a meeting in 1997 convened by Bill and Hillary Clinton? Is it worthwhile attempting...

Associate Editor for Conference reports Fiona Jones introduces our coverage of the 2000 Annual Conference.

THE 2000 Annual Conference was held at Winchester for the first time, with sessions split between the historic Winchester Guildhall and the nearby Wessex Hotel. The venue was all within earshot of...