Student writer competition winners

Menna Jones, the winner in the postgraduate category, argues for a psychological explanation of bipolar disorder. Alex Linley, the winner in the undergraduate category, discusses the relationship between adversity and success.
Jones - MOST of us know the occasional experience of unpredictable moods, mood swings and changes in our own thoughts and behaviour that can happen quickly and for no apparent external reason. This may bring a sense of lack of control over our feelings that can to many of us be confusing and distressing, often affecting our relationships with others and our ability to carry out daily activities that normally are quite familiar to us. Linley - CURRENT trends within psychology inspire a revaluation and reformulation of the scope of our discipline, with attention being called to the investigation and promotion of a science of human strengths and optimal functioning (Seligman & Csikszentmihalyi, 2000). This movement towards a positive psychology is reflected in the recent development of interest in the potential for positive change through trauma and suffering.

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