Edition 1

John Morton and Nick Neave on the latest psychology in the media.

The 12th Nordic Baltic Conference, and research in the real world.

Introspection, suicide and the death of Diana, the public understanding of mental health, rabbis and clinical psychology, genes and sexuality, and rap music and stereotypes.

Helen Haste, Amy Hogan and Yiannis Zachariou on what our members think is in store for psychology in the next 25 years

To mark the centenary of The British Psychological Society, we have conducted a Delphi study (see box below) on behalf of The Psychologist. We will make some comparisons with a similar exercise...

Vicki Bruce, President Elect and Chair of the Centenary Subcommittee, introduces a year of celebrations for the Society’s first hundred years.

THE British Psychological Society is a hundred years old this year. On 24 October 1901 ten people met at University College London to form a psychological society: here we all are (over 34,000...

Duncan Cramer

My interest in the study of close relationships was partly sparked off in the 1970s by my attempt to understand what it was about psychotherapy that made it effective.
At the time I had been...

Rory C. O’Connor and Noel P. Sheehy look at the cognitive style that can lead people to self-harm or take their own lives.

The suicide rate increased steadily throughout the 1980s and much of the 1990s. Recent statistics suggest that it is stabilising (McClure, 2000), but it is estimated that between eight and 14...

John Radford argues that academic authors are not adequately remunerated for their contributions to publishing. Joyce Collins explains the economics of book publishing and considers reward for academic
activity in general.

JOHN RADFORD - I AM negotiating to do a second edition of a well-received book I wrote a dozen years ago. It is strongly supported by three very distinguished referees. I estimate it will take me...

Reports from the Education Section and the Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section Conferences, the Defence Medical Services Psychological Injuries Unit International Conference, and the sciBAr and Cambridge Union debates.