Edition 10

Is a bat conscious? Susan Blackmore argues that there must be something radically wrong with the way we are currently thinking about consciousness, or we would not find ourselves with seemingly intractable problems.

WHAT is it like to be a bat? This is the question asked by philosopher Thomas Nagel in his famous 1974 paper. As he explains, if there is something it is like to be the bat – something for the bat...

Is the internet a safe communication environment for socially anxious individuals, or does it in fact increase social isolation?
Robin-Marie Shepherd and Robert J. Edelmann report.

THE past decade has witnessed an explosive growth in the use of the internet; a recent estimate suggests that there are over 400 million internet users worldwide (Nua Internet Surveys, 2001) with...

The evolution of the Society, a biography of Daniel Berlyne, and films at the Phoenix.

Including the President's column, news, a report from the Maudsley debate on mental health act reform, and Peter Collett discussing the role of psychologists in 'reality TV' shows.