Edition 11

A fellowship citation for Wolfgang Stroebe, Presidents' Award for Miles Hewstone, and Teaching Award for Tony Gale.

Steve Kimpton on final year projects, and Nigel Sherriff on teaching in further education.

Including domestic violence, worker satisfaction, priming in memory, and laughing.

Guest Editor Ray Bull introduces a special issue on the contribution of forensic psychology to helping the police get the truth...and nothing but the truth.

Elizabeth Loftus on false memories.
Gisli Gudjonsson on false confessions.
Simona Ghetti and Gail S. Goodman on how children can reject misinformation.

Andrew Silke with his practical recommendations for preventing further atrocities.

ICOMPILED this article back in July, several weeks before the horrific events of 11 September. So it was somewhat surprising that even in the wake of the most destructive terrorist attacks in...

At the Centenary Conference in Glasgow Geoff Bunn gave the C.S. Myers Memorial Lecture on Myers himself and his role in the establishment of psychology in Britain.

CHARLES Myers (1873–1946) was undoubtedly the most important British psychologist of the first half of the 20th century. ‘He, more than anyone else’, wrote Cyril Burt, ‘has assisted in turning...

The theme of this year’s British Association Festival of Science (University of Glasgow, 3–7 September) was ‘Science and society’. Patrick Stevenson (University of Glasgow) reports.

Including the President's column, news, and an extended analysis of the events of 11 September (short articles by Michael Billig, Andrew Silke, Gerard Bailes, Lorraine Sherr, Roderick Orner, and Mary Dalgleish.