Edition 3

Attachment, learning styles, marriage and cancer, oestrogen and working memory, leadership, and love on the brain.

Robert Plomin argues that psychologists should prepare to maximise the benefits and minimise the risks that will emerge from DNA research.
Commentaries are provided by Martin Richards, Jonathan Flint, Steven Rose, Anita Thapar and Jane Holmes, Theresa Marteau and Andrew Wilkie.

ASK any psychologist to complete the following phrase: ‘nature–nurture _________’.
The answer will no doubt be ‘debate’ or ‘controversy’. But the controversy that swirled around behavioural...

Founded in 1998, the Depersonalisation Research Unit at the Institute of Psychiatry was the first in its field. Now the team describe their progress in the development of cognitive-behavioural and pharmacological treatments.

Depersonalisation is a psychiatric condition characterised by an alteration in the perception and experience of the self (Mellor, 1988). It was first described in the scientific literature over...

Kate Cavanagh reports.

Psychological knowledge impacts on our everyday life in many ways. The first event marking our centenary – ‘Psychology – A Science for Society’, held on 5 January at the Royal Society in London –...

President's Column, news, and a news analysis on reforming the mental health act (by Lesley Cohen).