Edition 5

MARK GRIFFITHS on the advantages and disadvantages of providing psychological services on the internet.

A 27 - year old man comes home from a busy day at work feeling highly stressed and anxious. Unable to relax, he logs on to the internet, locates a self-help site for stress and anxiety and fills...

KATE NATION gave her Spearman Medal Lecture at the London Conference in December.

There's no doubt that learning to read is a complicated business. The first lesson children must learn is that English is an alphabetic language – letters and groups of letters map on to...

Hannah Steinberg is Professor Emeritus of
Psychopharmacology,University College London, and Visiting Professor, Middlesex University.

Soon after the end of the Second World War the Society embarked upon the now widespread love affair with the logo, an abbreviation of logo type, from the Greek logos (‘word’) and tupos (‘image’)....

SARAH-JANE BLAKEMORE shares her experiences on secondment with the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST).

It was almost two years ago when I noticed the advert in
The Psychologist for the BPS/POST postgraduate award. I had been interested in both psychology and politics for many
years, so...

Research in Brief including:

Emotion-laden stimuli can both increase and decrease pain.

Science learning undergoes various shifts as students go...

TONY DAVID says yes, IVAN LEUDAR disagrees.

IVAN LEUDAR: Let me start by proposing the terms of the debate. I do not accept that auditory and verbal hallucinations must be studied only as hallucinations. The term ‘hallucination’ implies an...

Alan Cowey gave his Centenary Lecture at the Royal Society in February.

A compelling reason for studying the past is to understand the present. In some areas of science, notably alaeobiology, this is a sine qua non, whereas in others it is often ignored.

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