Edition 7

Ilona Boniwell

SOME may well argue that a conference spread over two days can hardly be called gigantic. But let me assure you this was a real breakthrough: for the first time the Student Members Group...

This month 'Research in brief' picks up the European psychology baton with a selection of research about, or carried out in, mainland Europe.

More coverage of the Centenary Conference in Glasgow.

Continuing last month’s coverage, Associate Editors for conference reports Kate Cavanagh and Paul Redford present further highlights from the Centenary Annual Conference in Glasgow. The themes...

Sarah O’Toole, the winner in the postgraduate category, discusses how theories of cognition and culture can help in home–school relationships.
Jeanette Senior, the winner in the undergraduate category, on a controversial therapeutic technique.

Sarah O'Toole:
AS people go about their daily lives, they enter into a complexity of activities and social interactions on many levels. This is especially true of children at school age...

Christopher C. French

A FEW months ago I received an e-mail from a mature student wondering if I could explain various terrifying experiences that she had endured repeatedly for almost 20 years. On exchanging a few e-...

Michael W. Eysenck offers his viewpoint on the differences between European and American psychology;
Neil Martin on why and how European publishers are taking on the American heavyweights;
Monique Anderson interviews Tuomo Tikkanen, President of the European Federation of Professional Psychologists Associations (EFPPA), to hear about European psychology and the role of EFPPA within it.

Michael Eysenck: Most psychological research in the world is carried out in Europe and the United States.
It is often assumed that any distinctive differences there may once have been...

Geoff Bunn on Margaret Lowenfeld, and Ray Woolfe of counselling psychology.

Marco Cinnirella on British attitudes towards European integration, and Ingrid Lunt on the VIIth European Congress of Psychology and the Society’s international role.

Marco Cinnirella: It is hard to deny that the British public (and especially the English) seem more reluctant to embrace the European integration ideal than their colleagues on the European...