Edition 9

David Lykken and Mike Csikszentmihalyi debate the impact
of genetic factors on happiness.

David Lykken - Your average level of subjective well-being or happiness is largely determined by your genes. So if happiness is strongly genetic, that suggests that it must run in families – but...

Tommy MacKay gave his Presidential Address at April’s Centenary Conference in Glasgow.

IF you are giving a Presidential Address at the largest gathering of psychologists ever to be held in Britain, and it is to be published to the 34,000 members of the Society in addition to being a...

Biographies of Rivers, Myers and Bowlby.

President's column
Trouble at mill towns: David Waddington on the recent race riots
Conference report: Kate Cavanagh at the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychoptherapies conference

Dean Wilson

AS psychologists it is our aim to understand the mysteries of the mind. But the general impression I have gained of science since embarking as an undergraduate last year is that many of those...