Edition 9

NEIL MARTIN, Associate Editor for ‘Research in brief’, with 100 odd-sounding papers from the world of psychology and related disciplines.

YOU toil, you write, you rewrite, you submit and you rewrite again. Most of us are proud of the creations we call our publications. We regard them as being of significant import; we use them to...

Associate Editor for Conference reports Kate Cavanagh introduces our coverage of the VIIth European Congress of Psychology, held at London’s Barbican Centre in July.

The sun was shining as the BPS and the European Federation of Professional Psychologists Associations joined forces in the latest centenary event. Over a thousand delegates gathered for the 329...

Amanda Waterman, Mark Blades and Christopher Spencer ask nonsensical questions – but their research has serious implications for anyone who interviews children.

ASK one of your colleagues whether a jumper was angrier than a tree, and they might well suggest you go and have a lie down, or make yourself a nice cup of tea. But what if you asked a child?...

David Lykken and Mike Csikszentmihalyi debate the impact
of genetic factors on happiness.

David Lykken - Your average level of subjective well-being or happiness is largely determined by your genes. So if happiness is strongly genetic, that suggests that it must run in families – but...

Tommy MacKay gave his Presidential Address at April’s Centenary Conference in Glasgow.

IF you are giving a Presidential Address at the largest gathering of psychologists ever to be held in Britain, and it is to be published to the 34,000 members of the Society in addition to being a...

Biographies of Rivers, Myers and Bowlby.

President's column
Trouble at mill towns: David Waddington on the recent race riots
Conference report: Kate Cavanagh at the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychoptherapies conference