Edition 10

By Jeremy Horwood

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John Coleman

ADOLESCENCE is without doubt the Cinderella subject within developmental psychology. It gets less attention than other topics in the textbooks, in the curriculum and on the research agenda. So why...

Howard Steele discusses whether attachment theory has kept pace with the changing family.

it was a bold claim, and one now familiar to most psychologists from their undergraduate days: that immediate and long-term benefits to mental health result if an ‘infant and young child should...

Arlene Vetere and Emilia Dowling, with Rita Harris, Renos Papadopoulos, Hitesh Raval and Bernadette Wren.

In writing this action plan on the changing family in the UK, we recruited some of the members of the Tavistock Clinic family systems team to help make practical recommendations, as if giving...

Sue McGaw argues that parenting classes are long overdue. Charlie Lewis worries that they are yet another attempt at social control.