Edition 3

Peter Faire describes his experiences as the parent of a dyslexic child.

Having watched the educational progress of my dyslexic stepson over a long period, and having come into contact with others who also suffer at the hands of the ‘educational establishment’, I...

President's Column, news, and London Lectures: Conference reports

In last September’s ‘Students’ Dean Wilson wrote that academic criticism too often spills over into personal and petty point-scoring. Readers were asked how they felt about criticism. Here we publish two of the responses.

A new section aimed at providing information on the whole research process: information, collaboration, participation, dissemination.

Jim McCourt meets Dr Precilla Choi to explore gender and the body.

AS both a Chartered Health Psychologist and an accredited sports and exercise scientist, Precilla Choi is renowned for her feminist research on women’s health and exercise. Feminism is crucial to...