Edition 3

President's Column, news, and London Lectures: Conference reports

In last September’s ‘Students’ Dean Wilson wrote that academic criticism too often spills over into personal and petty point-scoring. Readers were asked how they felt about criticism. Here we publish two of the responses.

A new section aimed at providing information on the whole research process: information, collaboration, participation, dissemination.

Jim McCourt meets Dr Precilla Choi to explore gender and the body.

AS both a Chartered Health Psychologist and an accredited sports and exercise scientist, Precilla Choi is renowned for her feminist research on women’s health and exercise. Feminism is crucial to...

Jane L. Ireland describes the causes and consequences of bullying behind bars, and how it can be tackled.

When I first came in I gave out tobacco and Rizlas to people who asked me.
I found I was short at the end of the week. This last week I refused and my life has been made hell. I’ve been...