Edition 6

Ged Bailes reports.

Including how to apply for a Fellowship.

Avril Cadden reports on some highlights from the Student Members Group conference.

Associate Editors for Conference reports Kate Cavanagh and Paul Redford introduce our coverage of the 2002 Annual Conference.

This year’s Annual Conference took the Society to Blackpool, and two hotels on the North Promenade (the Imperial and the Hilton). Over four days 800 delegates grappled with three main conference...

Gregory R. Maio gave his Spearman Medal Lecture at the Annual Conference in Blackpool. What happens when what you think you hold dear is questioned?

Social values, such as freedom, equality, and power, are often used as key premises for debate. For example, one individual may oppose abortion because it threatens the ‘sanctity of life’, whereas...

Kwame Owusu-Bempah and Dennis Howitt with their practical recommendations.

All social institutions, the BPS just as much as government, need to accept and deal with the complexity of modern populations. This includes much more than ‘race’: the needs of the powerless must...

Graham Powell (Chair of the Psychologist Policy Committee) met Barry Brooking to discuss his role as the Society’s first Chief Executive.

According to Glyn V. Thomas, Graham Turpin
and Caroline Meyer, training clinical psychologists to doctoral standards has not prevented a decline in research.

It has been accepted for many years that clinical psychology courses should include training in clinically relevant research: the evidence–based ‘scientist-practitioner’ model remains central to...