Edition 7

Jim McCourt interviews Adrian Coyle.

Adrian Coyle is prolific. A senior lecturer at the University of Surrey with a PhD in social psychology, and joint director there of the practitioner doctorate in psychotherapy and counselling...

Kate Cavanagh and Paul Redford present more reports from Blackpool.

Frederic Stansfield suggests that the problem of the commercialisation of science goes deeper than David Miller and Greg Philo suggested.

AS Miller and Philo maintain in the May issue of The Psychologist, the commercialisation of science is indeed a pressing problem, with its associated silencing of dissent and suppression of...

Sue Gardner (Ethics Committee), Pam Briggs and Camilla Herbert (Press Committee) seek your views on new challenges facing psychologists in the media.

THERE can be no doubt that in general the interaction between psychologists and the media has been beneficial to the discipline. But the celebrity article, PR company ‘surveys’, and TV programmes...

Including Chris Bearman on how to apply for a PhD.

President's column, news, and a report by the Society's Parliamentary Representative Judi Ellis on a scientific meeting.