Edition 10

Including President's column, news, and a news analysis from Peter Morris (University of Lancaster) on the truth behind this year's A-level statistics.

To tie in with this month’s special issue, we asked for your views on how a knowledge of psychology had made a difference to your life of work, rest and play. Here’s a selection of the responses.

This month Christian Beresford Jarrett looks at some recent research that links to our special issue theme of higher education. Christian Beresford Jarrett is the editor of the Society’s new Research Digest. For how you can sign up for this free e-mail service, see the inside back cover.

Penny J. Furness considers the psychosocial issues surrounding facial transplants.

There’s a hesitation from my part, thinking that I would be wearing another face that didn't belong to me... But when I look at it logically, it is 2002, this is going to happen...here I am,...

Ian J. Deary, winner of the Society’s 2002 Book Award, ‘looks down’ on a controversial area in this article from October 2003. 

Broadcaster Nick Ross on what psychology did for him.

I EXPECTED psychology to teach me how to look into people’s eyes and gain access to their souls. So, to tell you the truth, I was surprised to have to learn about neural pathways and bewildered at...