Edition 7

Simon Baron-Cohen with advice based on his career.

ONE of my PhD students recently put it to me that a PhD
is like a three-year sabbatical. Being in a teaching position now, I think this student is absolutely right. I look back to my PhD...

More reports from the Annual Conference.

John Raven's Personal Space.

LAST December I received the Society’s guidelines on continuing professional development, and my first reaction was one of horror. On reflection, this was because what was being proposed seemed to...

Lesley Thoms, the winner in the undergraduate category, suggests a role for ecopsychology in improving well-being. Tom Stafford, the winner in the postgraduate category, investigates the coffee break.

Miles Hewstone, winner of the 2001 Presidents’ Award, on a key social psychological strategy for reducing intergroup conflict.

It is nearly 50 years since Gordon Allport, in his classic volume The Nature of Prejudice, expounded on the ‘contact hypothesis’ for future generations of social psychologists and policy makers....

Including Stephen White on how to present your research, news, funding opportunities and work in progress.

In the May issue John Donnelly spoke out in favour of the Rorschach test, but Robert Forde thinks psychologists could face legal action if they follow his advice.

JOHN Donnelly suggests that the Rorschach is ‘as valid as other personality tests’. He also ascribes the widespread criticisms of the Rorschach in the US to a ‘vocal minority’, giving the...

Including President's column, news, and a report from the 'Music and the mind' conference at the UCL Bloomsbury.