Edition 5

Nigel Sherriff with some exam tips.

Mark Van Vugt on how leaders can encourage loyalty and sacrifice.

Leaders of all types – of nations, ethnic and religious communities, businesses and teams – often call upon individuals to make sacrifices for the group, especially during wars, recessions,...

Dorothy Fielding (Vice Chair of the Division of Clinical Psychology) interviews Til Wykes about the Mental Health Research Network.

Including Pam Holmes with some advice on keeping participants on board.

Slovenia joins the European Union this month, and its psychologists are keen to develop their subject and structures in line with the rest of Europe. Here, Velko S. Rus and Vid Pec<caron>jak outline the history and current state of Slovenian psychology.

Slovenia was the first region
to break away from the former Yugoslavia, publicly declaring its independence in 1991. After 10 days of aggression by the Yugoslav army on Slovenia, its...

Brinder Bains and Priti Shah on a new role for psychologists.

Imagine the scene. It’s 10am; an overworked GP has already seen 15 patients walk through his door. His next patient is John, who sits down and begins to describe feeling low in mood, tearful and...