Edition 8

Nicola Ann Cogan describes her time on a BPS / Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology secondment.

Lih-Mei Liao and Mary Boyle guest edit this special issue. Iain Morland exposes the psychoanalytic roots of modern surgical management of intersexuality; Celia Kitzinger discusses the implications of intersexuality for the psychology of women; Melissa Hines writes on the role of hormones in brain development and behaviour; and Lih-Mei Liao and Mary Boyle ask what we can learn from intersex people themselves.

Presidents’ Award winner Margaret J. Snowling looks at risk and protective factors.

A CHILD’s first words are a momentous occasion, but for many parents late talking goes unnoticed. If the child is the firstborn of the family, no comparisons can be made, and relatives may...

Martyn Barrett (University of Surrey) interviews Paul A. Singh Ghuman, who retires this month from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Paul Ghuman moves with ease between the worlds of education and psychology. Until the end of August he holds the post of Professor of Education at Aberystwyth, he is a Fellow of the BPS, a Fellow...