Edition 9

Jonathan St B.T. Evans takes a satirical look back from the future.

I am honoured to accept the presidency of the British Psychological Society. For today’s lecture I have chosen to review the state of academic psychology in the UK, and especially to record my...

Cedric E. Ginestet and Elisabeth Spitz with the latest in our international series.

GEOGRAPHICALLY and ethnically, France is at the crossroads of Europe. The existence of natural boundaries accelerated the formation of the French nation, which rapidly became the most populous in...

Dorothy Bishop.

I must have been around four years old when I was first made aware that I was different. I was cheerfully colouring in a picture, when someone remarked, ‘Oh, she’s left-handed.’ In general, my...

Sarah Norgate on the implications for researchers working in higher education.

Including Ken Brown's President's column.

Adrian Scott and Jeff Gavin on alleviating the burden of student loans.