Edition 11

Including the dyslexia debate, developments in neuroscience, bi-invisibility, bad psychology, and teaching qualitative methods.

Rod Nicolson comments on the recent Channel 4 programme and subsequent media coverage.

September’s Channel 4 Dispatches programme ‘The myth of dyslexia’, which was trailed as indicating that dyslexia is primarily an emotional construct, has certainly led to an ongoing outpouring of...

Including the euthanasia debate, Lord Layard's speech, awareness in abused children, psychological universals, funding news and more.

The Society’s Policy Support Unit (PSU) is now in full swing, set up in March 2005 to coordinate and enhance the Society’s formal responses to requests for consultation put out by government and...

Harriet Gross on recent coverage of the IQ and gender debate.

Including the BPS response to RAE consultation, and Arthur Summerfield (1923-2005).

Heather Jackson asks 'Sitting comfortably? Then let's talk!'

Including 'Sight unseen' reviewed by Richard Gregory.

Lynn Myers and Charles Abraham on helping patients to act on healthcare professionals’ advice.

DOCTORS and nurses spend much of their working time discussing and assessing patients’ healthcare problems and recommending actions which will help restore or maintain health. On the basis of...

Peter K. Smith on an important and suprisingly underresrearched relationship.