Edition 2

This annual student event saw 650 people attend the day of lectures at Kensington Town Hall in December. November had seen the previous year’s London speakers in Edinburgh, a pattern due to be repeated in 2005. Here, Jon Sutton and Simon Bignell (University of Essex) present reports from the London event.

News special on the tsunami and response.

Debbie Smith and Natasha Coppins offer some advice to postgraduates who teach.

Keith Gaynor with the first in an occasional series giving a psychological perspective on fictional characters.

In J.D. Salinger’s book The Catcher in the Rye (1951) Holden Caulfield struggles through the beginnings of a mental breakdown over several traumatic days in New York. Finally he begins to recount...

Carl Martin Allwood discusses some of the practical problems with taking an indigenous approach.

WE would all like our work to be relevant and useful to society, and psychology is fulfilling at least some of its promise in this respect. But the way psychology is going about realising its true...

Kwang-Kuo Hwang shows how psychological study has been inextricably linked with sociocultural history.

Since the end of World War II there have been three large-scale academic movements attempting to incorporate non-Western cultural factors into psychological research: modernisation theory,...