Edition 3

The Psychologist’s editor, Jon Sutton, presents the results of a Society investigation.

PSYCHOLOGY – telling you things you already know in words you don’t understand. Over the years I’ve heard that a lot; from friends and family, journalists, even from other psychologists. Wouldn’t...

Rodger Ll. Wood discusses how head injury can affect personal relationships.

Do you know what it feels like for me to wake up every morning, look at the man in bed next to me, and wish it was the man I married, not the monster I live with now?

Alex Hossack and Gemma Wall ask whether we’re still ignoring vital allies in our practice.

AS psychologists, many of us go through years of training and supervision in order to help others through their problems. But if you were an alcoholic, or suffering with depression, wouldn’t you...

Including President's column, news, and reports from the Division of Occupational Psychology conference and an event from Goldsmiths College on phantom limb phenomena.

Stephanie Morgan on careers events.

Tatsuya Sato and Yoh Fumino with the latest in our international series.

IN the 17th century Japan was isolated by its geographical location and its government. The Tokugawa Shogunate feared the spread of Christianity and decided to trade only with China and Holland....