A big issue

Psychologist editor Jon Sutton introduces part one of a special feature.
There are few issues that genuinely touch both the working and everyday lives of the majority of our readers, but obesity is one. Several different types of psychologist – health, social, sport and exercise, clinical, educational, counselling, neuropsychologist – deal with the causes and consequences of obesity. Even if you don’t work with obese people, you probably know someone who is obese; most UK adults are overweight and around a quarter are obese. There are many more obese people than there used to be, and they are fatter than ever. We have gathered together a fascinating set of articles from a group of experts in the area. This month Jane Wardle opens the special feature with a look at how the environment, genes and behaviour interact to cause obesity. Paul Chadwick and Helen Croker are up next, arguing for psychological intervention in the face of some rather depressing results. Finally, Jane Ogden argues that non-psychological interventions may be the best option, and may actually have some useful psychological side-effects. Next month the focus moves to children, with three more articles. In the meantime read, enjoy and discuss and debate the points raised at the end of each article via our letters page: e-mail [email protected]

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