Edition 7

Sarah Supple takes a look at the portrayal of disability in the psychological literature.
Lisa Woolfson discusses the challenges facing the parents of disabled children.
Rebecca Lawthom and Dan Goodley urge psychologists to enable rather than disable.
Laura Gorfin and Alex McGlaughlin write on the importance of the service-user voice.
Rudi Coetzer describes working for a brain injury service in North Wales.

Guest editor Pat Frankish introduces the special issue.

Psychology and other knowledge-based professions could sensitise the political and administrative community on the outcomes for those with a disability. Psychology could play a role in the...

Sophia Jowett with a contribution to the Society’s ‘Year of Relationships’.

THE Society’s ‘Year of Relationships’ is a piece of good fortune for researchers and practitioners like me, providing a unique opportunity to showcase an exciting and expanding field within...

Including statutory regulation, the BPS and Iraq, careers, and more.

Including Royal Society Fellowships, crocodile tears, ECT, pheromones, class size, CBT and more.

After consulting widely with subsystems and members, the Society has rejected the current proposal for statutory regulation by the Health Professions Council (HPC). Our formal response to the...

Jon Sutton on media coverage of autism, and Marc Jones on competition and aggression.

Including proposed changes to subscriptions, and Spearman Medal winner 2005.