Edition 8

Louise T. Higgins (University College Chester) interviews Professor Zheng Richang (Beijing Normal University).

Joint winner of the Presidents’ Award, Tony Manstead, describes his research.

Emotion colours all our lives, but until relatively recently it had not been a focus for psychological theory and research. Things began to change in the 1980s, with the establishment of...

Reason and the 'yuck' factor - Both reason and emotion inform moral judgements, but which is in the driving seat? Sarah Lee, winner in the undergraduate category, investigates.
The unbearable lightness of procrastination - Cedric Ginestet with the winning entry in the postgraduate category.

Including stat reg, Precilla Choi, the Chelsea garden no-show, job references, psyche, sex differences in IQ and more.

Including narcissistic personality disorder, open access, maths education, media violence, youth and death, stress in golfing and more.

Thank you for your positive response to our reply to the consultation document on statutory regulation. We have now begun discussing ways ahead with the Department of Health, and any options will...

Fiona Jones and Mark McDermott on quality matters in TV websites.

Including Doctoral research award, ethics column number two and more.

Liz Moon on careers in psychology.