Edition 1

Jolanda Jetten, winner of the Society’s Spearman Medal 2004, outlines her research.

Just imagine: Your boss asks you to run a series of special training days
for other employees. At first you feel rather flattered that your boss is considering you for this task. But you...

Personal space - Ian Hodges and Jim McManus call for psychologists to be more proactive in challenging homophobia and sexual prejudice.
Speaking of sexual politics in psychology - a discussion between Peter Hegarty and David Hardman.
Myra J. Hird on what psychologists can learn from the huge range of non-human design and behaviour.
Meg Barker: Why I study...Bisexuality and beyond

Including Lord Layard's proposal, euthanasia, sexuality, the uncoolness of school and more.

Including treating sexual offenders, writing clearly, helplines, HIV care, NIMBYism, bullying, female domestic violence, funding news and more.

Discussions about statutory regulation have continued with the Department of Health and their lawyers. In tandem with this, the government’s review of non-medical regulation, the Foster Review,...

Marc Jones on the latest psychological involvement in 'reality TV'.

THE recent increased interest in positive psychology has finally hit the small screen with the launch of Making Slough Happy, a new four-part series by the BBC. The focus of positive psychology is...

Including Professor Carolyn Kagan, winner of the Society's Equality of Opportunity Award; consultation responses.

Montessori education, addiction, turning 30, SEM and more.

Catherine Butler on how much of yourself to put into your training.

IF we consider identity to be multifaceted, how much of you is there in your training? It could be argued that with the increased use of qualitative research methods and reflective practice,...

Peter Bull with a contribution to the Society’s theme for the year – ‘Reducing conflict’.

Sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland has often been described in terms of a clash of identities between the Protestant British, who wish to remain part of the United Kingdom, and the Irish...