Edition 11

Eirini Flouri looks at parental aspirations and educational outcomes in socio-economically disadvantaged children.

MANY of you – maybe all of you – have ‘aspirations’, defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘strong hope or wish for achievement or success’. Usually operationalised in the social sciences as...

Gordon Claridge delivered the Hans Eysenck Lecture at the Annual Conference in Cardiff.

When I started to prepare my Hans Eysenck Memorial Lecture it suddenly occurred to me that it was more than 50 years since
I first met Hans Eysenck. ‘Met’ is a slight exaggeration since the...

Including post-trauma counselling, CPD, Freud, the future of educational psychology and more.

Including statutory regulation, toxic childhood, risk assessment, young researchers and more.

Ray Miller writes.

How well do we know you? In 30 years membership has gone from just under 7000 to nearly 44,000. That is a considerable success. We are, by far, the leading professional organisation for...

Bipolar depression, and the media watching the Society.

I was left with very mixed (almost bipolar!) emotions after watching Stephen Fry’s portrait of his life with manic depression or bipolarity (BBC2).

Including the Psychological Testing Centre, ballot results, educational psychologist funding, and more.

By John Hall and Sue Llewelyn.

PSYCHOLOGY is one of the most popular degree subjects in Britain, while clinical psychology is the most popular psychology-related career choice for psychology graduates. So most psychology...

Patrick Rabbitt on a long and winding road of research.

My excuses for starting what eventually turned out to be a
22-year longitudinal study of cognitive changes in old age are that I had no idea that it could possibly last that long, and it...