Edition 2

Brilliant, brutal or just monkeying around? Jon Sutton reports.

Toni Brennan is on hand to banish the stats blues.

Including views on applied training, promoting psychology, statutory regulation and more.

Including future directions for psychology teaching, helping people go green, treating problem drinking, London lectures, wound healing, cannabis, abortion, 'The child is father of the man', and research funding news.

Graham Powell on conferences and the London office.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Cardiff from 30 March to 1 April, at the Annual Conference of the Society. It is the first of our new-style conferences, a shorter, more intensive event...

As part of our occasional ‘Eye on fiction’ series, Paula Jean Manners offers a Kleinian perspective on The Lord of the Rings in this 2006 piece.

Sarah Riley, Hannah Frith, Louise Archer and Louise Veseley discuss women in psychology and The Psychologist.

Noting that there were fewer submissions to The Psychologist by women, the Psychologist Policy Committee asked us, via the Standing Committee for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities, to comment....

Educational failure is the root of many social problems; Sonia Jackson and Peter McParlin believe psychologists can help.

Children who grow up in local authority care, ‘looked after’ under the Children Act 1989, are four times more likely than others to require the help of mental health services; nine times more...