Edition 3

Gareth Hagger-Johnson, Jim McManus, Craig Hutchison and Meg Barker with some recommendations.

Psychologists should consider their relationship with the voluntary and community sectors (VCS). Here we outline the potential returns for all when collaborating, and the potential consequences of...

Emma Flynn , Karen Pine and Charlie Lewis argue for a powerful psychological technique.

Measuring change is one of the most fundamental aspects of psychology. Yet most research provides a snapshot of the events surrounding change, without describing
the process itself. Take the...

Stephen Reicher and S. Alexander Haslam discuss results from their BBC Prison Study.

Including finding London bombing trauma victims, SureStart, research funding news, and a news analysis from Ronan O'Carroll on living liver donation.

As we approach the Annual General Meeting and a change of President, I want first and foremost to wish Ray Miller the very best for the year ahead. It is a pleasure for me to look back over a...

James Hardie on an inspiring project, and Kam Khun on success in A-level coursework.