Edition 4

The Society’s new President in discussion with the Chief Executive. How do their roles work together, and where do they see the Society going?

Aoife O’Donovan and Brian M. Hughes find that the effects of social support on health aren’t as straightforward as they at first seem.

‘I’M afraid you’re suffering from a lack of social support,’ said the physician in a grave tone. ‘Consequences of this malady include heart disease, complications during pregnancy and childbirth,...

Including groups and power, obituaries for Harry Kay and Nick Barlow, crowds, psychoanalysis and literature, and more.

Including computerised CBT, information overload, faces and fortunes, research funding news and much more.

New Society President Ray Miller with his first column.

Why psychology?
This may seem an odd question to be posing in my first column, but there is nothing like sitting in the hot seat to make you ponder how you got there. Like me, you made the...

Jon Sutton and Mark McDermott report.

James Bywater on the characteristics of early and late applicants to graduate recruitment programmes.

Andy Young

THE truth is that I’ve been doing it so long, I’m not sure I can really remember why I started. But I’m really glad that I stumbled into this area of research.
I do recall that the stumbling...