Edition 5

Roger Paxton on changes and implications for academic and applied psychologists.

The purpose of the NHS is to improve the health of the population, so why does the NHS fund research? The reason, explicit on the Department of Health website, is to provide the knowledge base so...

Anna Costin with the latest in our international series.

Willem Kuyken on the phenomenon of overgeneralised autobiographical memory in depression.

Think of a personal quality that is important to you, perhaps one that defines you in some way. Now try to think of a specific memory, a particular time and place that demonstrates this quality....

Including extreme pornography consultation, voluntary sector symbiosis, ADHD training gap and much more.

Including Mental Health Bill, phonics, birthing anxiety, ADHD, BPS/British Academy lecture, happiness, Lord Layard, research funding and more.

Ray Miller writes.

The marriage of science and practice in psychology remains the bedrock on which both the discipline and the profession are firmly founded. Nowhere was that more apparent than at the Annual...

Adam Joinson on the annual conference.

Including fellowship citations, adoption support regulations and ethics column.

Kate Latak on studying psychology in Europe.

DURING the Congress of European Psychology Students,
I interviewed psychology students from 11 countries across Europe to get an idea of what it is like to study psychology in other...