Edition 6

Marc Jones writes.

Policy responses, and fellowship citation.

Liz Moon at the SMG conference.

Viren Swami and Adrian Furnham go in search of cultural universals.

‘Beauty’, the philosopher David Hume declared in the mid-18th century, ‘is no quality in things themselves; it exists merely in the mind that contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different...

John White considers the roots of a fundamental psychological concept.

In the latest in our ‘Eye on fiction’ series, Charles Fernyhough looks at how novelists have reflected scientific understanding of the mind.

Like any science, psychology depends on making links from the known to the unknown. Throughout the history of psychology, metaphors have proved an invaluable way of gaining purchase on the...

Daniel B. Wright, James Ost and Christopher C. French look at how the evidence has developed since the Society’s working party report.

In 1995 the recovered memory debate was near its most vociferous height. Hundreds of people were recovering memories of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), sometimes in therapies where it was believed...

Including pre-degree psychology, emergency planning, celebrity worship, self-harm and much more.

Including who's the greatest debate, research funding, autism, electrosensitivity, anger management and a news analysis article from Sandy Wolfson and David Lavallee, offering evidence-based advice to the England World Cup team.