Edition 12

Fiona Jones on the media's treatment of schizophrenia

Muddier and Muddier

From time to time, schizophrenia hits the headlines, and typically it gets bad press, being too frequently associated with random attacks on passers-by. It got rather...

New lease of life for the History of Psychology Centre

Mental fitness; interpersonal psychotherapy; clinical psychology and heart disease; cognitive dissonance; statistics; and more


The stereotypical student sleeps till midday, leaves dishes in the sink for days on end, and is in far greater danger of playing too hard than working too hard. But for many students the drive to...

John McAlaney and John McMahon on psychology's role in defining and tackling binge drinking

If media reports are to be believed, binge drinking is an increasingly popular pastime of the British public – particularly amongst teenagers and young adults. But how prevalent is it? Figures...

Buxin Han and Kan Zhang with the latest in our international series

Joerg Prieler on the importance of item response theory

I completed my PhD while serving as an officer in the Austrian army. Finding myself in those military circumstances was uncomfortable, but it turned out to be serendipitous. I needed a research...

Peter Warr with his framework for research and practice

Happiness is very important to us, professionally as well as personally. In personal terms, we all seek to achieve happiness in some way; for many people, it is the basis of a ‘good life’. Happy...

Access to literature; controversial psychology; psychologists and national security; and more

Funding for mental health; war trauma in Sri Lanka; dyslexia; bystander apathy; and more