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Tom Stafford on a common accusation levelled at psychology

Psychology? Well it’s all obvious, isn’t it? Just common sense, but dressed up with big words to confuse people.
Many of us must be familiar with this kind of accusation. Tell someone you...

Sandi Mann on why boredom at work is no longer restricted to 'boring' jobs

The Boredom Boom
Be it at a desk at the Treasury Department, a spot on the factory floor, or a drab blue cubicle, boredom is a condition that can be more stressful and damaging than overwork...

Why I study the effects of excercise by Amanda Daley

Why I study... The effects of exercise
When I sat down to write this article, my mind immediately regressed back to my childhood. I recalled an LP of songs from the 1970s children’s...

Ray Miller on psychology and the public; and statutory regulation

There are, apparently, three Saints Valentine recognised by the Catholic Church. It is not entirely clear which lent his name to the romantic festival of February.

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Adrian Furnham and Stian Reimers go in search

The artistic personality
Art is part of everyday life, but its importance differs widely from person to person: some can’t get enough of galleries, watch art programmes on TV, and devour...

The Media and Modern Times; ethics; the History of Psychology Centre; and more

The media and modern times

KEVIN Durkin's level-headed and wide-ranging review of ‘media and modern times’ (January 2007) does well to calm assessments which are sometimes too alarmist...

Simon Baron-Cohen, Ofer Golan, Emma Chapman and Yael Granader describe a new aid for children with autism, and their carers.

Transported to a world of emotion
Why would the UK government fund Cambridge University and a Manchester-based production company to make a series of children’s animation? After all,...

Pro-anorexia websites; gifted children; bullying report; Division of Clinical Psychology annual conference; and more

Pro-anorexia websites; gifted children; bullying report; Division of Clinical Psychology annual conference; and more

Psychology's success

Bowled over by psychology’s success

IN the last five years, since joining the Press Committee and thereby contributing to the Media page, I have witnessed an exponential growth in the media...

Professional Psychology Award; and more

Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology

DR Mark Hayward has accepted this year’s Award for Distinguished Contribution to Professional Psychology.
The award is...