Edition 5

John Cromby, Dave Harper and Paula Reavey introduce the special issue

Moving beyond diagnosis:
Practising what we preach
Despite years of well-founded criticism, psychiatric diagnosis is still widely used – not only by psychiatrists, but psychologists...

Susan Cartwright and Cary L. Cooper on causes and possible solutions

Despite the potential pressures of long hours, tight deadlines and performance targets, many aspire to the status and rewards of a job in the City of London. But perhaps few job applicants would...

Cultural messages in Top Sante; boredom; employment prospects; Brain Awareness Week; and more

Suspect cultural messages
We are writing in response to the BPS collaboration with Top Santé magazine, which was launched last month (News, April 2007). As highlighted in the article, we...

The Mental Health Bill: substance abuse; bullying; the educational psychology funding crisis; and a new learning curriculum for toddlers

Visible differences and relationships
Changing Faces – the national disfigurement charity – has launched a new Guide to Intimacy and Relationships, written by counselling psychologist...

Pam Maras on Presidential duties; and the Annual Conference

What do presidents do? In practical terms most of my time is spent attending and chairing Society business and related meetings, responding to correspondence and representing the Society on a...

Manic depression; social understanding of children; and more

The human touch

You Don’t Have to be Famous to have Manic Depression: The Insiders Guide to Mental Health
Jeremy Thomas & Tony Hughes
London: Penguin; 2006;
Pb £12.99...

Richard Kwiatkowski interviews Peter Saville.

Misdiagnosed as having ‘chronic depression’ by the psychiatric establishment; he almost died while having ECT. Described by the Financial Times as one of the ‘rebels’ in a boardroom battle, he...

David Lynch’s latest film, Inland Empire, takes us closer to the heart of his psychotic universe. Huw Green enjoys the journey.

The Annual Conference

Still the jewel in the crown?
The Society’s Annual Conference always provides a great opportunity to showcase the state of the science. The Public Relations Unit press-released 23 of the...

Child protection; social psychology in action; and more

Safeguarding children and young people

Do you think that child protection has nothing to do with your role as a psychologist? Then the Society’s Child Protection Working Party would like...