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Reaction to the Virginia Tech killings

When everyone’s a psychologist

How do you make sense of an apparently senseless act of violence? Especially something as terrible as the Virginia Tech massacre, now believed to be the worst...

Honorary Fellowships; Book Awards; NHS Posts; welcoming A-level students; and more

Honorary Fellowships

A husband and wife team – who have been pioneers in the fields of learning disability and human resilience – have been awarded Honorary Fellowships by the Society....

Avoiding accidental plagiarism

Avoiding accidental plagiarism

Why do so many students get suspected or accused of plagiarism without having intended to cheat? One reason is that when they come to university, students...

Music Makers; the psychology of ageing; and more

Morphemes and literacy – Help or hindrance?

Improving Literacy by Teaching Morphemes
Terezina Nunes & Peter Bryant (Eds.)
London and New York: Routledge; Pb £21.99 (ISBN 0...

Former American Psychological Association President Ronald F. Levant on how he has mobilised members to promote the contributions of psychology to society
Also Graham Davey, former Society President and Chair of the Publications and Communications Board, responds to Ronald Levant

Making Psychology a Household Word was an overarching theme of my 2005 presidency of the American Psychological Association. As members of a learned profession, we have a great deal to offer...

Nigel Hunt and Sue McHale on the limited research and the need for more

Hair loss is usually thought of as something men start worrying about as they get older. But there are various forms of hair loss, often extensive and sudden, which can impact on anyone – male or...

Peter Halligan, winner of the Society's Presidents' Award, on the importance of societal and individual beliefs in understanding health

Despite improvements in many objective measures of health over the past decades, most Western countries have seen an increase in the number of patients with symptom-based illness without...

In this interview from 2007, four young psychometricians talk to Professor James Flynn.

Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr on the joys of reading other people's mail.

Who criticises the critical psychologists?

Who criticises the critics?

It is regrettable that you chose to devote an issue of The Psychologist (May 2007) to the case against diagnosis, without offering those with an opposing view...