Edition 9

David Duncan adds a personal and historical perspective to Chris Hackley's article from the August issue.

Mark Kovacs on a forward-thinking approach to the daily grind

If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment – Marcus Aurelius (ad121–180)...

An interview with Sue Blackmore

An interview with Sue Blackmore by Lance Workman.
LW: There seem to be three principal themes in your work – parapsychology, memes and consciousness. And I’d like to talk about all of these...

Dinesh Bhugra and Padmal de Silva look to cinema and literature for inspiration

In a multicultural society, cultural competence in assessing and managing patients is essential. If government proclamations are to be believed (e.g. Department of Health, 2003), such training...

Do animals use cognitive maps? John M.Pearce investigates

Paul V. Greenall and Melissa Marselle report on an issue of potential significance to any psychologist engaged in sensitive research

We went into his office and he had just picked up the phone to call his wife and there was a roar; I mean a roar! And we looked up and it was the aeroplane coming right at us, the second plane....

Jon Sutton on the real villains in the MMR saga

MMR – the real villains
Leaks, lies and statistics, and language of industrial strength in the British Medical Journal.
A series of articles in July on autism and the MMR vaccine made...

Dublin 2008; and the lastest news from the Scoiety's Boards and Policy Support Unit

Dublin 2008

Fancy a stimulating Easter break in Dublin? The Society’s 2008 Annual Conference, 2–4 April, is to be held outside the UK for the first time – at the Royal Dublin Society. The...

Tall tales; the new psychology of love; and more

Understandable and sound

Making Up The Mind: How the Brain Creates Our Mental World
Chris Frith
Oxford: Blackwell; 2007; Pb £14.99 (ISBN 978 1 4051 6022 3)
Reviewed by Ian...

Jo Roos on life as a student with a disability

Disability – attitude is everything
The Society’s Clinical Psychology Training and Disability: Information, Guidance and Good Practice Guidelines (download from...