Edition 10

André Didierjean and Fernand Gobet with the latest in our series on the relationship between psychology and the world of fiction

Katie Slocombe on the research that won her the Society’s Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research Contributions to Psychology

Are chimpanzees capable of communicating about objects and events in the external world??And if they are, what does this tell us about the evolution of human language?

This article gives an...

What impact does diet have on behaviour and intelligence?
David Benton separates fact from myth

Large numbers of children receive food supplements with the implication that this will speed their long-term intellectual development, give them a short-term academic boost or cure aggressive or...

Jim White on a radical approach to mental health, which looks beyond individual therapy to offer something more creative and relevant

One of the more disappointing aspects of the government’s current Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) drive (apart from the way psychologists have been relegated to the sidelines)...

Distinguished Professor at the University of California, Irvine

As this year could be considered the ‘centenary of insomnia’, Jim Horne looks at how understanding of the psychological aspects was slow to develop.

Julie Bostock looks at the impact of a new initiative