Edition 11

Including web-only reviews.

Helen Demetriou and Elaine Wilson call for a synthesis of affect and cognition in teaching

Ross Day, Australian octogenarian perception expert, in conversation with Lance Workman

Sarah Lewis, Jonathan Passmore and Stefan Cantore on the use of the ‘appreciative inquiry’ approach

Models of organisational change tend to be outdated, and built on a concept of people as negative, scared and resistant to change. How can the emerging scientific base of positive psychology...

Tommy MacKay, winner of the Society’s Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology, on applied psychology and the human welfare agenda

The subject matter of psychology suggests that psychologists should be central to the human welfare agenda. But do we too often settle for too little? This article argues that it is possible and...

Andy Parrott looks at the paradox of psychosocial drug taking self-medication that can make you feel worse

Psychosocial and recreational drugs are generally taken in order to feel better, yet their regular use often leads to increased distress. For instance, MDMA (Ecstasy) is a very powerful euphoriant...

Including energy consumption, happiness, APA vote, brain injury scheme, a report on talent and autism and 'Media: the BBC Headroom campaign'.

John Hall revisits the impact of a key text on intellectual disability, 50 years after it was published

Research Professor, Keele University