Edition 12

Four PhD students draw out some key aspects of the postgraduate experience

Christian Jarrett takes psychology into space, discovering how astronauts are selected and supported.



Includes a blueprint for mental capital and well-being,new NICE guidelines on ADHD, recognising missing children and more.

Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Keele University

Following on from last month’s article, Ann Clarke and Alan Clarke reflect on their five decades of research.

The story of how we ended up working at Manor Hospital begins in early autumn 1950. We were newly married, had our PhDs from the Maudsley Hospital and UCL and were looking forward to a year in...

Laura Crane on all you ever wanted to know about applying for postgraduate study but were afraid to ask

Including web-only reviews.

Daryl B. O’Connor and Eamonn Ferguson on the use of diary methods in psychology

Methods that allow scientists to identify the momentary patterns of our behaviour – their ‘natural history’, their hierarchies or responses to interventions or experimental manipulations – are...