Edition 12

Four PhD students draw out some key aspects of the postgraduate experience

Including web-only reviews.

Daryl B. O’Connor and Eamonn Ferguson on the use of diary methods in psychology

Methods that allow scientists to identify the momentary patterns of our behaviour – their ‘natural history’, their hierarchies or responses to interventions or experimental manipulations – are...

Keith Oatley shows that fiction is not just entertainment

People spend a good deal of their free time on novels, plays, films and television dramas. What are they up to? Being entertained, perhaps. But is there more to it? Maja Djikic, Raymond Mar and I...

Following on from last month’s article, Ann Clarke and Alan Clarke reflect on their five decades of research.

Dave Putwain looks at the relationship that can have a serious impact on the lives of young people

Happiness lessons in schools… removing GCSE oral language examinations because they are too stressful… are these political gimmicks from central government, or responses to a real issue regarding...

What factors drive a person to research a family tree, or an adoptee to search for their biological parents? Jurai Darongkamas and Louise Lorenc investigate

Why do people research their family tree? Why do adoptees search for their biological parents? Could there be similarities between these processes?

This article examines the psychological...

Christian Jarrett takes psychology into space, discovering how astronauts are selected and supported.



Includes a blueprint for mental capital and well-being,new NICE guidelines on ADHD, recognising missing children and more.

Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Keele University