Edition 3

This month's news including stat reg news and media

…with Annette Karmiloff-Smith, Professorial Research Fellow at Birkbeck College, University of London.

A year on from the appearance of the Scottish economist and philosopher Adam Smith on the £20 note, Sandy Lovie offers a new perspective on his life

Including working with adjacent fields, Rorschach, evil, and obituaries.

Chris Scott, Chair of the Society’s Scottish Division of Educational Psychology (SDEP), draws on his career path and present job to illuminate some issues facing educational psychology in Scotland, and talks about the SDEP’s activities

News from the Society including President's column...

A new section to The Psychologist which this month focuses on improved analysis of covariance and the perils of statistics by numbers...

This month's reviews, including several web-only reviews.

Lance Workman talks to Alice Eagly about the evolution of the psychology of gender.

We all have one, and it might determine our fate in a number of intriguing and bizarre ways. Nicholas Christenfeld and Britta Larsen investigate.

Names have meanings – historical, geographical, occupational, and so on – that transcend the individual, and while people do occasionally change their names to match their characters, the most...