Edition 4

Vice Provost of Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin, Ireland, and Professor of Cognitive Science at Trinity College’s Institute of Neuroscience and School of Psychology

Toni Brennan looks at the life of Charlotte Wolff (1897–1986)

Including Liz Campbell's first President's Column, fellowship citation and members shaping public policy

Including whistleblowing, statutory regulation, NICE and more

Including consumer issues, and Britt Tajet-Foxell talking about working with ballet dancers, rowers and Olympic skiers

Including online-only extras in the html version

Rachel L. Kendal examines the evidence from the wild. What constitutes culture, do animals have it, and what does it mean for psychologists?

If we observe orang-utans blowing raspberries before bedtime, what does this mean? And why should psychologists, with their focus on human behaviour, be interested? This article looks at what...

Viren Swami, Debbi Stanistreet and Sarah Payne examine a relationship that has largely been taken for granted

More women than men attempt suicide, but many more men are successful. Until recently most psychological explanations of this difference have focused on biological aspects, and have largely...

Robin Dunbar argues that debates over the role of evolution in psychology have been largely misplaced

Although evolution played a significant role in psychology and the social sciences during the late 19th century, the opening decades of the 20th century witnessed a profound parting of the ways....

Gwyneth Doherty-Sneddon on an area where academia meets public interest

An augmentative communication approach, ‘baby signing’ teaches babies keyword signing that they can use to communicate before they can talk. The movement is increasingly popular with...