Edition 6

Emeritus Professor of Neuropsychology and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bristol

Including Elizabeth Valentine on the British Psychological Society of 1908 – membership, meetings, publications and perennial issues; plus a report from the recent History and Philosophy of Psychology Section conference.

Including statutory regulation, ABA, health literacy and more.

Including how clinical psychologists responded to last summer's floods in Hull; life as an occupational psychologist; and featured jobs.

Including President's column, Book and Doctoral Awards, and a summary of the Society's response to the Department of Health on statutory regulation.

Including the stuff of thought, chronic headaches, PTSD and more (including web-only extras).

Spearman Medal winner Chris Chambers looks at what human brain
stimulation can tell us

Put a copper coil against the scalp, pass a current through it and the magnetic field produced temporarily interferes with the normal functioning of neurons in the cortex below. By measuring the...

Esther Hansen and Alex Clarke, clinical psychologists in a hospital department of plastic and reconstructive surgery, on what they have to offer

How can psychologists contribute to people’s understanding of the effects of their unusual appearance, and help them to modify its impact on their lives? How do their beliefs shape their hopes for...

Psychosocial adjustment to visible difference Tim Moss and Ben Rosser examine outcomes and explanations

Some years ago, a plastic surgeon contacted the Centre for Appearance Research with a problem. Why was it, he wanted to know, that although there was great diversity in the extent of physically...

James Partridge and Adam Pearson give personal perspectives on visible difference, and outline a view of the way ahead