Edition 7

Including evidence, statutory regulation and more

Including Christine Kalus on working in palliative care, and Jessica Eade on the challenges facing psychologists who decide to set up in private practice

Including President's column, Spearman medal, and end of life care report

Including consumer culture, PowerPoint, physical attraction and more - including online-only reviews

Anne Cannon, winner in the undergraduate category, asks why consciousness plays such a limited role in psychology degree courses; and Makala Balls, winner in the postgraduate category, looks at prevention – psychology’s forgotten mission?

Gareth E. Hagger-Johnson and Martha C. Pollard Whiteman with five potential applications of research linking personality traits and health outcomes

Evidence that personality traits are related to health behaviours and health outcomes is emerging. This is interesting, but is it important? How can psychologists and healthcare professionals...

Kimberley A. Wade and Cara Laney on why your most treasured childhood memory may be false

Oscar Wilde described memory as ‘the diary that we all carry about’. Autobiographical memory defines us – it is the foundation on which we build our identity, so we like to believe that our...

We are all heading for the grave in an indifferent universe. How do we cope with such existential concerns? Dan Jones investigates

Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. Includes online-only questions.