Edition 8

David Clark and Graham Turpin describe the new IAPT initiativ

John P.A. Ioannidis on why we should be cautious, and how a Bayesian perspective and examination of all the evidence may help us approach the truth

Dave Collins, Performance Director at UK Athletics, on how he will be putting his background in psychology to use in pursuit of medals this month

Thomas L. Webb and Ellen Poliakoff argue that it’s time to take a psychological approach to understanding and promoting participation in public engagement activities

As the latest Olympics gets under way, John Kremer and Aidan Moran explore how the subdiscipline – after a few false starts – has grown ever fitter

Mark Turner on some intriguing developments that could be used to help children with autism to understand and interact with other

To address a growing public awareness and apparent increase in prevalence of autism (Prior, 2003), psychologists need to devise improved treatment options based on the latest scientific...

Charlie Frowd, Vicki Bruce and Peter J.B. Hancock describe the latest techniques to construct the face of a criminal

Imagine you are a witness to a crime: you saw a young man running from a bank; it all happened very quickly, but you were able to have a good look at his face as he removed his balaclava. Would...