Edition 10

Paul McCarthy offers some reflections on supervising writing in a PhD

'If I’d had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.'
This well-known witticism, apparently uttered by Blaise Pascal, Mark Twain, Victor Meldrew and many others, reflects...

Steven Killick and Neil Frude talk about the psychology of oral storytelling in this 2009 article.

Richard Gottlieb analyses Maurice Sendak’s fascinating 1963 picture book, in this 2009 article on the eve of its cinematic release.

Chris Frith, winner of the Society’s 2008 Book Award with Making Up the Mind, on how his ideas have developed, and the surprising implications

My book Making Up the Mind is partly a scientific autobiography, describing a career that seems to have taken a satisfyingly circular course. This has progressed from an interest in the newest...

Including heart attack survivors; online CBT; climate change; publication of Rorschach images; a special feature on the next big questions in psychology; and more.

The narrowing focus of UK psychology; US healthcare reform; bias in testing; clinical terminology; proposal for a Community Psychology Section; and more

Sophia E. Shaw, Ellen Nye, Joanna Jamel & Heather D. Flowe ask whether the media function as disseminators of knowledge or misinformation?

Psychologists often find their research reported in the popular press. In this article, a recent case is discussed in which the media misrepresented the findings from a study that examined factors...

 Frank Tallis on life as a clinical psychologist and novelist

Christian Jarrett enters the strange and controversial world of the ‘default mode network’

Functional brain imaging promised to lift the lid on the black box. Psychologists responded in earnest, prodding the brain and watching which areas light up and which stay dark. But what if the...

Professor of Psychology at Birkbeck University of London